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Tower Cabs join Take Me

Take Me managing director David Hunter said: “The company has more acquisitions in the pipeline to be announced in the near future, following the additions already this year to the group of ADT Taxis, Steve’s Taxis, VGT Taxis, Westside Taxis, Intercity Private Hire, and TC Cars.

Tower Cabs owner Peter Bresland said it was an “exciting new development” in the Tower Cabs story.

He said: “To enable us to move forward and face the challenges of the post-Covid world, we are joining forces with the Take Me group of companies.”

Mr Bresland, who started Tower Cabs back in the 1980s, said: “The group offer driver incentives, including cheaper insurance, car replacement and finance.

“This collaboration will enable us to reach new heights and take Tower Cabs to a new level whilst re-establishing our position as the premier cab company in Plymouth.

“There will be lots of exciting developments taking place in the next few months and we want you all to be part of the journey.”

Tower cabs are the go-to taxi provider when travelling in Plymouth, you can also use our brand new app to book all over the UK!

Plymouth, PL4 6AQ
365 days a year

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